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Practice Areas

Tax Law

Our activity in Tax Law is divided as follows:
Administrative Tax Litigation

We believe in and encourage the resolution of tax conflicts in the administrative sphere, which in our experience provides technical solutions at a lower cost.

Our litigation area actively develops the representation of our clients in the defense of assessment notices, requests of special regimes, consultations on interpretation of tax legislation, requests for compensation and refund of fees, taxes and contributions improperly collected, also taking into account inspections and audits. of public tax agencies.

The service for obtaining and renewing Negative Debt Certificates at the federal, state and municipal levels is also under the responsibility of the litigation area, through permanent control of the fiscal regularity of our clients, allowing the elimination of any inconsistencies that prevent the issuance of the NDC before maturity.
Judicial Tax Litigation

Our tax litigation area provides advice to our clients in litigious scenarios in the judicial sphere, acting to minimize the tax burden borne or questioning the undue collection of taxes by federal, state and municipal tax authorities.

We have a solid experience in the most varied Forums, Jurisdictions and Courts, especially before the High Court of Justice and the Supreme Court.

Our professionals have a vast experience in representing our clients in all instances of the Brazilian Judiciary, and therefore we represent our clients in court in relation to any tax litigation, including injunctions, repetitions of undue payments, annulment actions, defenses in tax foreclosures, and others.

It is also the responsibility of the tax litigation area to carry out due diligence aiming at the management of tax processes, extracting useful information for the financial management of companies, through a thorough analysis of the cases.
Tax Consulting

Our Tax Consulting area provides legal guidance services to the daily demands for the operations of clients, individuals and companies.

In the corporate area, we work in partnership with the tax, financial and legal areas of our clients, assisting routine activities with our tax legal advice. Our work ranges from answering to consultation on simpler matters to preparing tax opinions and opinions on topics of greater complexity.

We also have great experience in the elaboration, structuring and implementation of tax planning, to which we usually add our tax experience and corporate expertise, providing complete solutions for our clients.

We also work together with our succession and succession planning area, as part of our multidisciplinary team in these areas, with the aim of evaluating the best tax solutions for our clients and partners.

In the Oil & Gas area, we work for the main players in the global industry in Brazil, and sponsor pioneering solutions in this specialty. We have enormous experience in complex tax and customs structures, as well as in structuring and assisting in the implementation of special regimes related to this industry, such as REPETRO and REPETRO-SPED, REPETRO-Industrialization, Drawback, Temporary Admission Regimes, among others.

Corporate Law

Our contractual and corporate consulting area works in conjunction with tax consultancy in corporate structuring and restructuring, M&A, incorporations, mergers and demergers, aiming to obtain the best corporate solution in line with effective tax planning, which allows the best use of opportunities.

We carry out due diligences to identify the risks involved in transactions such as the acquisition, incorporation and merger of companies. In addition to planning, we elaborate and register corporate acts of the most varied complexity, and when the alternatives for the prevention and amicable resolution of conflicts are exhausted, we have highly specialized professionals in judicial litigation, representing our clients nationwide in any jurisdiction, instance or court.

We work together with corresponding firms in the constitution and restructuring of structures abroad, including offshore.

Civil Law

Our activity in Civil Law is divided as follows:
Contract Consulting

We support the Firm's clients on different fronts related to contracts, working together with the client's legal and/or commercial area, seeking to mitigate the risks of conflicts in their execution and with multidisciplinary support from the Tax Consulting Area. We work on the elaboration of standard clauses or specific drafts, including highly complex contracts.
Strategic Civil Litigation

The Firm is able to act directly and on a daily basis in the representation of clients in civil lawsuits of great importance and complexity. Our professionals are prepared to deliver a quality service, quickly and efficiently, always focusing on solving the problem and the customer's needs.

Our professionals are duly qualified to act in lawsuits involving the most diverse segments, including extensive experience in sponsoring entities representing business classes.

We have daily activities in all Courts in the States of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (State and Federal Courts) and through partners in some of the main Courts in the Country (in particular, ES and DF).
Family Law

We act in a preventive manner, seeking, whenever possible, a peaceful solution in order to avoid disputes in family conflicts.

The firm's litigious and consultative activities include the drafting of stable union contracts, engagements, prenuptial agreement, lawsuits aiming at the recognition of a stable union, judicial or extrajudicial divorces, property sharing, custody, child support, trustee, interdiction, among others.
Real Estate Law

We provide advice to legal entities and private individuals in the drafting of lease agreements, purchase and sale of property, donation, exchange, lending, among other real estate transactions, with multidisciplinary support from the Tax Consulting Area.

We also act in the filing of eviction actions, rent collection, revision / renewal actions, consignment in payment and adverse possession.

We have extensive experience in advising real estate holdings.
Succession and Succession Planning

We operate in the area of succession planning, both in Brazil and abroad, with the support of corresponding firms, through the execution of wills, donation deeds, constitution of holdings and structures abroad (including trusts), in order to organize the succession with the purpose of allowing assets to be distributed quickly, in accordance with the will of the property owner and aiming to avoid litigation between heirs, as well as paying taxes that do not exceed legal obligations.

We also operate in judicial and extrajudicial probates, aiming to distribute assets in the most agile and efficient way possible.

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Within the scope of Constitutional and Administrative Law, our firm provides legal advice in the advisory and litigation areas, with a focus on legislative and precedent analysis in the matter, drafting of memoranda, legal opinions, definition of procedural strategies and representation in constitutional actions (direct actions of unconstitutionality, actions of non-compliance with fundamental precepts, declaratory actions of constitutionality, complaints, in addition to other constitutional remedies), including as amicus curiae.

In particular, we have broad experience in matters involving civil liability, collective actions and public civil actions.
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